Exporting dairy increased rapidly.

Following the growth momentum achieved in previous years, the export of milk and dairy products from Vietnam to other countries has increased dramatically.

Total output of milk and dairy products reached nearly 12,000 tons (up nearly 90% compared to 2017). If only 2015, there were only 3 enterprises registered to export dairy and dairy products from Vietnam to 10 countries, so far Vietnam milk has been present in nearly 50 countries around the world. Currently, Vietnam has about 60 enterprises producing and trading milk with more than 300 brands.

Having such remarkable achievements, in addition to actively seeking the development direction of enterprises, there is also active support from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and specialized units like the Department of Animal Health. To support the export of milk and dairy products, Department of Animal Health has actively instructed milk production enterprises on the regulations of the World Veterinary Organization (OIE) in international trade, and requirements of importing countries, checking and monitoring input materials, negotiating with importing countries to remove barriers and obstacles in export.

In addition to inspecting, supervising and guiding production enterprises to ensure disease safety and food safety, maintain export markets, in 2018, Department of Animal Health and related units has actively sought and negotiated to expand export markets for Vietnam’s dairy producers.

Specifically, the Department of Animal Health has negotiated with India to agree on quarantine requirements to export milk and dairy products to India, completes and submits application for export of milk and dairy products to Malaysia for Vinamilk and Bel Vietnam, coordinates with related units to welcome the Chinese inspection team to evaluate management capacity, supervises, diagnoses diseases, food safety, animal quarantine, checks the actual dairy farms, the production conditions of some dairy producers in Vietnam.

Determining China is a very potential market for Vietnamese agricultural products in general and dairy products in particular, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has established many missions to China to promote trade.

Since 2016, the Department of Animal Health has collaborated with relevant units to prepare and provide relevant Chinese authorities with documents, programs, plans and legal documents related to the management, inspection and supervision of the production of milk and milk products in Vietnam to serve the assessment and opening of dairy products market for Vietnam.

To date, the Chinese side has completed a risk assessment report and has also completed a protocol on Vietnam’s export conditions for milk and dairy products to Vietnam. It is expected that after the two parties agree, this protocol will be signed on the occasion of the visit of a high-ranking Vietnamese delegation to China in April 2019.

In 2019, Vietnamese dairy products will be available in the Chinese market. The Vietnamese Ambassador to China also said that it is expected that after the protocol is signed, the Vietnam Dairy Festival in China will be hosted around May – June 2019 to promote products.