Nutrients help develop superior height for kids

In order to develop the optimal height, mothers need to supplement properly and with all necessary nutrients. Listening to a Dietitian advising on gold nutrients helps to develop superior height.

Vitamin D.

In the body, vitamin D helps absorb calcium and phosphorus from the diet, responsible for maintaining extracellular calcium levels in a state of hyper saturation, at this level, bone cells are differentiated, the mineralization process. The bones take place smoothly to help the teeth grow and the best bone growth.

When tall buildings grow like mushrooms, the majority of urban children lose the chance of being exposed to natural sunlight, leading to a lack of vitamin D; depending on the month of age, children with vitamin D deficiency have different manifestations, children under 6 months of age often cry during the night, have excessive sweating at the beginning of sleep, occipital alopecia, skull deformity, chest bone deformity … older children will slow teething, lumbar muscles,.. and the general expression of all ages is slow growth in height.

The skin can synthesize sufficient amount of vitamin D for the body (400IU – 800IU) when children are exposed to early sunshine for 20-30 minutes a day, when sunbathing, let them wear little clothes so that the skin is in direct contact with sunlight. If you are in an area that is not sunny or too busy without sun exposure for your child, it is very simple to get enough vitamin D for your child. You can take vitamin D as a medicine, functional food or use it. milk with vitamin D.


Vitamin K2

Vitamin K is divided into 3 groups, including vitamins K1, K2 and K3.

The outstanding function of vitamin K2 is to activate osteocalcin (a type of protein) that makes the process of attaching calcium to the bone convenient for bone growth, strength and prevention of osteoporosis, and to keep calcium deposited in blood vessel walls by acting on Matrix Gla Protein to regulate calcification.

Vitamin K needs vary by age, every day 1-10 year olds need 60-120 mcg, 10-18 year olds need 120-160 mcg and adults need 150-160 mcg. The amount of vitamin K stored in the body is very small, so vitamin K deficiency will occur if children eat and drink is not diverse, children are sick, anorexia or have poor absorption of fat (lipid).

Currently, there is no specific recommendation for vitamin K2, to have sufficient vitamin K2 to help children increase the optimal height, it is necessary to use foods rich in vitamin K2 in daily meals. The amount of vitamin K2 in 100g is also very different, like fermented soybeans (1,062 mcg), pork sausages (383 mcg), hard cheeses (76 mcg), pork chops (75 mcg), chicken thighs, chicken legs ( 60 mcg), soft cheese (57 mcg), egg yolk (32 mcg).

Canxi nano

Calcium is involved in the structure of bones and teeth. Calcium absorption depends on age, gender, gastrointestinal integrity … and the size of calcium particles.

Today, nano-calcium is used in place of the usual forms of calcium in food technology. Nanotechnology has created highly soluble micro-sized calcium particles that easily penetrate the intestinal membrane to help calcium be absorbed at maximum amounts.

Dr. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Huong

The first 1000 days of life are emphasized by the World Health Organization (WHO) as the golden stage of height and physical development, this is a period of decision to 60% of the child’s ability to increase height in the future. .

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